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Reimbursement Claims for People Whose Zinus Mattress Has Not Caused Injury

Posted on 20th December, 2021

by Legal Staff

If you have been following the news about Zinus mattresses, you probably know that people who were injured by the fiberglass in the product, as well as those whose home was contaminated by it, are entitled to compensation.

However, you may ask yourself whether you can get reimbursement in the absence of damage.

When it comes to Zinus mattresses, our team of professionals has been dedicating its endeavors to offering quality assistance to people whose lives were turned upside down by the abundant fiberglass in these products. Our goal is to help as many impoverished families as possible recover financial compensation for their unjust suffering and loss of finances.

Nevertheless, although we mostly focus on evaluating defective product claims on behalf of the families affected by fiberglass exposure and contamination, we can also help you obtain a reimbursement if you own a Zinus mattress that has not caused you any harm yet. We will assess your situation and quickly put you in touch with a specialized attorney who can help you.

How Can I Obtain Reimbursement If I Own a Defective Zinus Mattress?

Owning and sleeping on a Zinus mattress is usually a disaster waiting to happen, as the fiberglass in it can injure you or contaminate your home even if you do not remove the cover of the product. Therefore, it is natural to wonder if you could get a reimbursement for the mere fact that your mattress is a known defective product that may harm you in the future. You may want to get rid of your Zinus mattress just to be on the safe side, which means that you will have to spend money on a new and safe mattress, whose cost can be quite high. Therefore, it would be just to obtain reimbursement from the liable manufacturer first since you found out their product does not align with the safety standards.

According to Zinus, consumers who bought one of their mattresses can return it within 100 days from the date of the purchase. If you want to send back the mattress within this period of time, you will get a full refund, as the company states on their website. Nonetheless, the mattress you want to return needs to meet a series of criteria, which are the following:

  • you must have evidence of purchase
  • the mattress must be intact, without stains or smears
  • you must have all the documents that came with it
  • the accessories that accompanied it must be in your possession

The process of returning a defective Zinus mattress on your own can be daunting and challenging, as there is plenty of bureaucracy involved in the process of reimbursement. For this reason, we encourage you to reach out to Atraxia Law, as we can help you get a reimbursement faster and with minimal participation on your part.

We Can Help You Get Your Money Back from Zinus If You Have a Mattress with Fiberglass

If you decide to work with our expert team with the purpose of obtaining reimbursement for your faulty Zinus mattress, you should first know that you must meet the same requirements concerning the condition of the mattress and the documents you have. We can get a reimbursement on your behalf by having a lawyer negotiate it in a potential future settlement or within a shorter period of time by having the attorney discuss with Zinus directly, as numerous people complain that the company fails to respond to the concerns of consumers.

To get a clearer idea about the willingness of Zinus to deal with complaints, you should know the following:

  • there are currently 196 BBB complaints filed by product owners, out of which 89 are unanswered or unresolved
  • in the past 3 years, over 80% of Consumer Affairs reviews for Zinus mattresses were 1-star reviews
  • while the most prevalent complaint was the mattresses sagging prematurely, now most people complain about fiberglass

To make matters even more complex, a lot of consumers report that they have a difficult time returning their Zinus mattress in accordance with the 100-night trial, as the company makes the owners responsible for the disposal fee of the product.

Getting back to your right to request a reimbursement, if you decided to dispose of your Zinus mattress, please give our professionals a call, and we will promptly evaluate your case to determine what the most effective course of action is. We cannot tell you for sure how long obtaining a reimbursement will take, so it would be ideal to make sure you have a mattress to sleep on if you cannot afford one between the day the Zinus one is thrown away and the day you buy a new product. Nonetheless, what we can promise you is that we will do all in our power to get back the money you are entitled to from Zinus, as they have knowingly manufactured defective mattresses and can thereby be held liable.

File a Reimbursement Claim with the Assistance of Our Expert Team

Our expert team specializes in evaluating product liability claims and also has the necessary resources to help you find a competent lawyer who can get you the reimbursement you deserve from Zinus. If you own a defective mattress but have only recently found out about the dangers of the fiberglass in it and now want to return it, we can assist you in this respect by putting you in touch with a lawyer to file a reimbursement claim with the company after we carefully assess your case.

All you have to do if you want to request a reimbursement from Zinus is to call our team of professionals, explain your situation, and provide us with proof that you own a defective mattress. We will thoroughly review your situation and if we deem you eligible to file a reimbursement claim, we will recommend you a skilled attorney who will get back the money you spent on the faulty Zinus mattress so that you can enjoy a new, safe one.