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How Much Does It Cost to Treat the Injuries Caused by the Fiberglass in a Zinus Mattress?

Posted on 23rd December, 2021

by Legal Staff

In addition to property damage, the fiberglass released in a home by a Zinus mattress often causes mild to severe injuries such as dermatitis, allergic reactions, and skin rashes. If your health was affected by a Zinus mattress, you may wonder how much the treatment of your injuries costs.

Since 1979, the mattress company Zinus has sold over 15 million products worldwide and approximately 800,000 in the United States.

Because Zinus mattresses can release dangerous fiberglass in the homes of consumers, causing property damage and injuries, these numbers are very alarming. Zinus mattresses are defective products, as their outer covers have a zipper that indicates that it is alright to remove them for laundering, but the label of the product warns consumers against doing so.

While fiberglass is not carcinogenic, it is extremely irritant to the skin, eyes, and lungs and, over the past year, more and more injured consumers came forward with their distressing experiences caused by Zinus mattresses. For this reason, there is currently a class-action lawsuit pending against the company, as well as against the retailers that sell the mattresses, that people whose health or property was affected by the fiberglass in these products can join.

What Injuries Can Exposure to Fiberglass from a Zinus Mattress Cause?

Depending on the extent of exposure, fiberglass can lead to numerous health issues, ranging from mild to severe. Perhaps the most serious injury one of the consumers sustained following exposure to fiberglass is lung scarring. Once the fibers of glass reach the lungs via inhalation, they can easily damage the tissue inside the organs, eventually leading to scarring. The person who experienced this health issue is a minor, and her case is one of the most severe we have seen. She needs to use a special inhaler in order to be able to breathe properly, which speaks volumes about the degree of the problem. The cost of these inhalers ranges between $300 and $400 per prescription.

In addition to lung scarring, exposure to fiberglass from a Zinus mattress can also cause the following injuries and health issues:

Furthermore, it is not unusual for people who were injured by fiberglass to need surgical removal of the shards of glass that became embedded in their skin, whose cost can be $200 to $400 or even higher. It is important to know that the health of many people who were exposed to fiberglass from a Zinus mattress is permanently damaged, as they often develop serious respiratory problems that are not curable but can be managed with treatment, which is usually quite expensive. In rare cases, exposure to fiberglass can result in pulmonary fibrosis, eosinophilic pneumonia, and sarcoidosis-like pulmonary disease.

The Treatment Cost of Some of the Most Common Injuries Caused by Fiberglass

Before listing the cost of the treatment for the most common injuries that occurred as a consequence of fiberglass exposure, it is worthy of note that the sum of money you will have to pay for medical assistance, medication, and medical procedures can significantly vary depending on factors such as the complexity and severity of your injury, whether you have insurance, and whether your health problem is acute or chronic. The following are the costs of treatment for the injuries caused by exposure to fiberglass from Zinus mattresses:

  • Dermatitis: The majority of people report that they pay approximately $600 per year for the treatment they receive for dermatitis. However, 42% of patients spend $1,000 or more annually, whereas 8.5% pay $,5,000 or more. As previously mentioned, the cost highly depends on the severity of the condition.
  • Allergic reactions: The cost of the treatment for allergic reactions caused by fiberglass exposure ranges between $1,200 and $4,000, depending on whether the condition is acute or chronic. As for asthma and chronic bronchitis, which may be aggravated by inhaling fiberglass, the yearly cost of treatment is $3,200, with $1,800 spent on prescription medication, $650 on office visits, $530 on hospitalization, $175 on outpatient visits, and $100 on emergency room visits.
  • Upper respiratory infections: People who developed upper respiratory infections as a result of breathing in fiberglass can expect to pay between $300 and $700 for their treatment, depending on how serious their condition is.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: If you swallowed a large amount of fiberglass, you may experience gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain. The cost of the treatment for gastrointestinal problems caused by fiberglass is approximately $650.
  • Eye injuries: For eye injuries, you can expect to pay $670 or more, depending on how complex and severe your injury is, as well as on the number of medical procedures you need to completely treat your problem.

If you are the owner of a Zinus mattress and were injured by the fiberglass in it, we strongly encourage you to contact our team so as to find whether you are eligible to file a claim with Zinus. Not only will doing so help you recover significant financial compensation, but it will also hold Zinus accountable for their negligence. The money you will recover will help you afford the treatment you and your family needs, as well as the cleanup of fiberglass from your home.

Our Expert Team Will Help You File Your Zinus Claim

The expert team of Atraxia Law specializes in evaluating personal injury and product liability claims and is ready to help you determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation from Zinus if you were injured by the fiberglass in their products. All you have to do if you want to check your eligibility is get in touch with us, explain your circumstances, and send us evidence that you own a Zinus mattress.

Following a thorough review, you will know for sure whether you qualify for compensation. If you do, we will recommend you a lawyer with vast experience in these cases to help you carry on with the legal process. Eventually, you will receive the largest sum of money you are entitled to from Zinus, which will help with your medical expenses and the cost of fiberglass cleanup, if applicable.