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Defective Design and Manufacturing - Paragard IUD Complications

Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Paragard T 380A, is currently facing claims from women who have suffered complications related to the implant. Victims are seeking compensation for their health troubles, especially following device removal procedures.

Despite the device being marketed as completely safe, with non-surgical extraction methods painless and effortless, it has become strikingly obvious that the IUD can cause acute side effects and further aggravations.

Paragard T 380A has proven its deficiency by breaking upon removal, potentially requiring reparative surgery.

The non-hormonal product is intended to provide durable, 10-year birth control. Its T-shaped plastic base with a copper wire around it should help protect against unplanned pregnancies, and it is asserted to remain in one piece once removed.

However, this is not accurate, because some patients have reported that pieces have been left inside the uterus. Some reports have stated one or both arms breaking off and not responding as they were supposed to, and others fracturing on their own, without an attempted removal.

Circumstances and Consequences of Paragard IUD Deficiency

The manufacturer’s failure to properly warn about the risks and dangers of the defective device prone to breakage has caused women to endure invasive procedures and massive subsequent physical reactions, as well as mental trauma. It can also generate perforation or further tissue and vital organ issues.

Paragard IUD can fracture when explanted, need a hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, laparotomy, or even a hysterectomy, and in some cases, become irretrievable.

Retrieving procedures do not always prove successful, especially if the pieces are stuck, and one of the most disastrous results can be permanent infertility, and even death (due to ectopic pregnancy).

Women in need of serious treatment are subjected to:

  • Pre-surgery ultrasounds
  • General anesthesia
  • Uterine incision
  • Invasive surgery actions
  • Total hysterectomy

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Complications related to a Teva Paragard implant qualify for obtaining financial damages.

Victims of the mistakes in the Paragard IUD manufacturing and design, who suffered from physical and emotional distress, can benefit from our help.

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