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Are PFAS regulated?

The EPA regulates only PFOA and PFOS at the moment. While in the past, the safe exposure limit to these chemicals was 70 ppt, it is now only 4 ppt, as the agency is well aware of the health risks.

In the winter of 2021, it published a final determination to regulate these chemicals while also evaluating additional PFAS and considering regulatory actions to address other substances from this group.

However, in the spring of 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a new federal standard that would regulate several PFAS in drinking water. The other chemicals from the PFAS group that the agency will regulate in drinking water are the following:

Until now, several states have passed laws regulating certain PFAS in drinking water, but there is currently no federal mandate to do so, which means that not all public water systems are required to test for these chemicals or take steps to remove them from their supplies before they reach consumers. Nevertheless, if the proposed rule becomes effective, public water systems would be required to monitor the six PFAS and ensure that their levels remain below the legally enforceable limits set by the EPA. The new rule would not cover private wells, though, which the agency estimates serve over 23 million households in the country.

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