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Heavy PFAS Exposure on Military Bases

Since 1970, aqueous film-forming foam, also known as AFFF, has been used to extinguish class B fires, including by the military. However, this fire suppressant contains a large amount of PFAS, a group of chemicals that are carcinogenic to humans.

While exposure to PFAS occurs in civilian and military firefighters by inhalation, people who were stationed on the following military bases were exposed to it by drinking contaminated water, as the fire suppressant infiltrated the water systems.

If you were stationed on one of the military bases below, either alone or with your family members, you were inevitably exposed to PFAS, which increases your risk of developing many types of cancers.

Targeted Military Bases With Highest Levels of PFAS

If you stationed on one of these military bases for 1 year or longer and subsequently developed any type of cancer or one of the following diseases, please contact us and we will file a claim for you.

We will check your eligibility over the phone, which takes approximately 10 minutes, after it takes about 2 hours on the phone to get your work history and what we need, it takes 3-6 months for us to process your claim.

Diagnosed family members can also apply or they can help a member with the claim process.

If you did not live on a targeted base, but you have one of the above diagnoses or a cancer diagnosis and you are a veteran or active military, we will also accept those cases, since the diseases above are most likely linked with high levels of PFAS in your bloodstream.

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