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What is the average settlement for an NEC in newborns claim?

Predicting the exact amount you can receive if you file a NEC in newborns claim is nearly impossible, as each case is unique and has its own particularities. The financial compensation parents of babies who died of necrotizing enterocolitis can obtain ranges between $5,000 and $500,000, depending on factors such as the number of manufacturers whose baby formula the child was fed and the severity of the baby’s condition before passing away.

Nevertheless, if you are in this awful situation, we encourage you to file an NEC in newborns claim. Even though the money will not be able to replace your child, it will help with past medical expenses and other costs. If you choose to file your claim through Atraxia Law, your involvement in the process will be minimal, as we understand how painful losing a child can be. We will carefully and thoroughly evaluate your case to determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation from the responsible baby formula manufacturers.

Quality assistance for parents who lost their child to NEC in newborns

With over 35 years of experience in evaluating personal injury claims, our expert team will gladly help you find out whether you qualify to file an NEC in newborns claim. The only documents we will request are the medical records of your baby. If we deem you eligible, we will immediately put you in touch with a reputable, top-notch attorney who can handle your claim and help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.