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Are civilian firefighters exposed to AFFF?

Yes, civilian firefighters are also exposed to AFFF on the job. While they use the fire suppressant less often than military firefighters, most employ AFFF to put out fires stemming from combustible and flammable liquids and gases.

Furthermore, if they work on commercial airports, they are more likely to use AFFF, as they have to extinguish fires caused by jet fuel, which is flammable.

Civilian firefighters are also exposed to the fire suppressant when working at aircraft crash sites.

Like military firefighters, civilian firefighters injured by AFFF exposure might be entitled to compensation from the responsible manufacturers, which failed to warn of the risk of developing cancer due to exposure to the fire suppressant. If you are or were a civilian or military firefighter struggling with a disease caused by AFFF exposure, do not hesitate to contact our expert team for a case evaluation. We can quickly help you find out if you are eligible to file a claim.

Atraxia Law can efficiently help you file your AFFF exposure claim

With over 35 years of experience in reviewing toxic exposure cases, our expert team has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you determine whether you are eligible to file a claim for AFFF exposure as a civilian or military firefighter. To have your case evaluated, you will only have to send us your employment or military records and your medical records. Eligible individuals will be put in touch with a top-notch attorney.