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Which companies are using PFAS in their products?

The product responsible for PFAS contamination on the vast majority of military bases nationwide is AFFF, a toxic fire suppressant used for jet fuel and petroleum fires.

Its formula was devised by the U.S. Navy and the 3M company in 1966, and ever since, it has been widely used for fires stemming from combustible and flammable liquids and gases.

There are dozens of AFFF manufacturers across the country, some of which still produce the harmful fire suppressant. The following are some of the most known companies that are or were using PFAS in their products:

Sometimes, AFFF contains up to 98% PFAS, so it should come as no surprise that using the fire suppressant can cause toxic contamination to such a great extent. With each use, the product releases these chemicals into the environment, from where they can easily infiltrate drinking water supplies.

Military firefighters who regularly used AFFF during active duty have the highest risk of developing a disease related to PFAS exposure, but veterans and family members who lived at contaminated military bases are also vulnerable.

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