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What are the eligibility criteria for filing a toxic exposure claim?

The first requirement you have to meet to become eligible to file a toxic exposure claim is that you must have spent at least one cumulative year at a contaminated military base as a veteran or a family member of one.

This is because only prolonged exposure to PFAS and other harmful chemicals results in a disease.

Furthermore, to become entitled to financial compensation, you must have one of the following diagnoses, as they have a strong association with toxic exposure:

As a veteran seeking legal recourse, you must have been discharged from the military other than dishonorably to be eligible to file a toxic exposure claim. Family members who intend to file a claim must provide their attorney with evidence of their stay at the military base in question, along with their medical records. Veterans will have to retrieve their military records and send these documents to their attorney in addition to their medical records with their diagnosis.

Our expert team will efficiently help you file your military toxic exposure claim

With over 35 years of experience in reviewing toxic exposure claims, we have the necessary resources and knowledge to find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation as a veteran or family member who spent time at a contaminated military base. The process is very simple and will require minimal involvement from you. If we deem you eligible, we will recommend you a top-notch attorney to handle your case.