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Do hair relaxer companies use false advertising practices?

Like most companies whose goal is to sell as many products as possible, hair relaxer manufacturers use false advertising to attract potential buyers.

Many brands are notorious for not using real life to market products to consumers, and hair relaxer companies are no different. In advertising, there is a huge difference between pushing the truth and making untrue claims.

Companies that cross the line can lose millions if consumers decide to file a lawsuit, and it can also lead to a damaged reputation. This might also be the case for many hair relaxer companies, which use false advertising practices to deceive consumers, such as:

Companies, including hair relaxer manufacturers, go to unimaginable lengths to promote their products even if they fail to do what they claim to. The main concern with hair relaxers is that they contain toxic, carcinogenic, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which can lead to the development of uterine and ovarian cancer, according to recent studies. If you have been using these products and now struggle with one of these diseases, do not hesitate to contact us, as you might be eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim and obtain compensation from the liable manufacturers.

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