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Do hair relaxers increase the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer?

Using hair relaxers often was found to double the risk of developing uterine cancer by researchers in a recent large study. They followed 33,497 women between the ages of 35 and 74 for eleven years to determine whether certain hair products can increase the risk of uterine cancer.

Out of the study participants, 378 developed uterine cancer, most of whom were women who had been applying hair relaxers at least four times a year.

It is worth noting that 60% of the women who reported using hair relaxers were Black, as their hair is more difficult to straighten with less aggressive methods such as heat styling. Alarmingly, uterine cancer incidence is on the rise among Black women, as they are twice as likely to die of this disease as white women. Since Black women tend to begin using hair relaxers at a young age, they are more susceptible to uterine cancer, specifically to the aggressive types of the disease.

As for ovarian cancer, it can also be the result of using hair relaxers. Bisphenol A, one of the most common toxic chemicals in these products, was found to trigger ovarian cancer in women who had a high concentration of it in their bodies. Bisphenol A exposure can also cause the following diseases, which might precede ovarian cancer:

There is mounting evidence highlighting the association between hair relaxers and uterine and ovarian cancer. While more research has to be carried out, if you have any of these diseases and regularly apply hair relaxers, you should contact our team of professionals, who will gladly review your case to determine whether you are eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim and obtain compensation.

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