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Has there been a Tepezza lawsuit settlement?

No Tepezza lawsuit settlement has been reached yet. Tepezza claims are currently being filed nationwide, but Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits are still in their early stages, so up to this day, no settlement has been reached.

Currently, compensation that may be received through a Tepezza claim in the form of a settlement with the drug’s manufacturer can only be estimated. Based on previously resolved product liability cases and hearing loss cases, it can be expected that plaintiffs will reach significant compensation through a Tepezza claim.

The grounds for filing a Tepezza claim

Horizon Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the Tepezza infusion treatment, launched the drug as a treatment for thyroid eye disease (TED), a rare autoimmune disease. Still, they failed to warn patients and doctors about the high hearing loss and tinnitus risks associated with using the drug. The manufacturer also failed to warn about the potential irreversibility of Tepezza-related hearing loss impairment.

Tepezza claims aim to hold Horizon Pharmaceuticals liable for partial or permanent hearing loss and tinnitus developed in patients following their treatment with one or more infusions of Tepezza. If you or someone among your loved ones was treated with Tepezza infusion for TED and subsequently suffers from partial or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, or other otologic symptoms, you may qualify for filing a Tepezza claim.

Eligibility in a Tepezza claim involves:

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Atraxia Law can be the crucial first step in your quest to get compensation

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