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Has there been an Ozempic settlement?

No, there have not been any Ozempic settlements yet, as the lawsuits brought by injured consumers have been filed recently. The first lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of the medication, Novo Nordisk, by Jaclyn Bjorklund, a 44-year-old woman from Louisiana who experienced gastroparesis after taking Ozempic on August 2, 2023. Law firms are investigating over 500 gastroparesis lawsuits for clients in 45 states. The main injury claimed in the most recent Ozempic lawsuits is gastroparesis. This causes severe vomiting that can last for four weeks or even more. Gastroparesis may also occur with stomach inflammation.

If you took Ozempic and now struggle with gastroparesis, also known as stomach paralysis, we strongly encourage you to contact Atraxia Law, as our team of professionals can help you find out whether you are eligible to file a claim and obtain financial compensation. The process is simple and will mostly take place over the phone, as we understand how physically and emotionally draining suffering from gastroparesis can be. We will thoroughly assess your case to determine your eligibility.

File your Ozempic stomach paralysis claim with the help of our expert team

With over 35 years of experience in assessing personal injury claims, Atraxia Law is ready to offer you the assistance you need in filing an Ozempic claim if you developed gastroparesis. The only documents we will request to evaluate your case are proof of you having taken the drug and your medical records with your diagnosis. Eligible individuals will be put in touch with a reliable, trustworthy attorney to have their claims filed.