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How long do PFAS stay in the body?

Once a veteran or family member is exposed to PFAS by living at a contaminated military base, these chemicals persist in their body for a long time.

It takes nearly four years for the level in the body to go down by half. The body eliminates PFAS mainly through urine.

However, these harmful substances remain in the body, although in smaller concentrations, where they can lead to the development of serious, life-threatening diseases. Because they are regularly exposed to PFAS from the polluted environment of military bases, veterans and family members are significantly more likely to come to struggle with a disease, as they will inevitably have a higher level of these chemicals in their blood.

Since PFAS leave the body mostly through urine, the risk of developing kidney cancer is very high in those exposed to the chemicals over a long time. Currently, there is no definitive medical procedure that can remove PFAS from the body, so the best course of action a person can take is to remove the source of exposure if possible. This will also lower their chances of coming to struggle with a disease. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent at least one cumulative year at a contaminated military base and now suffer from a disease related to PFAS exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact us.

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