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How did PFAS end up contaminating military bases?

The primary culprit behind PFAS contamination at nearly all military bases nationwide is the use of AFFF, a fire suppressant, by military firefighters and trainees.

This product, which is manufactured by dozens of companies, contains up to 98% PFAS, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of military bases now have a grim legacy of toxic contamination.

It is worth noting that AFFF was devised to put out Class B fires, including jet fuel and petroleum fires, which are common on military bases. PFAS stem from the following sources at military bases:

The most harmful chemicals out of this group are PFOA and PFOS, which are usually present in AFFF. Exposure to these substances can have dire health consequences, including cancer. Although military firefighters have a higher risk of developing a serious disease due to AFFF exposure, veterans and family members who lived at contaminated military bases are also vulnerable, as even low-dose exposure to PFAS can be responsible for crippling illnesses.

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