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What if I do not have proof of AFFF exposure?

Unfortunately, in the absence of proof that you used AFFF on the job as a civilian or military firefighter, you cannot file a claim.

If you have or can obtain your employment or military records, this should not be a problem, as your attorney will be able to find evidence of your AFFF exposure by going through these documents.

To file a claim for AFFF exposure, you will have to provide evidence of your AFFF exposure, including when and where it occurred, such as working as a firefighter in the military.

If you know you were exposed to AFFF but cannot prove it, it might still be worth getting in touch with our expert team, as they might be able to help you obtain the evidence you need. As a veteran firefighter, your military records most likely mention you using AFFF, and you can easily retrieve your military records online. Once you find evidence of your toxic exposure or once we are able to help you get it, Atraxia Law will gladly assist you in filing your AFFF exposure claim.

Our expert team can efficiently help you file your AFFF exposure claim

We have over 35 years of experience in assessing toxic exposure and personal injury claims, so if you are or were a civilian or military firefighter whose health was compromised by AFFF exposure, do not hesitate to contact us. The only documents we will request are your employment or military records and your medical records. Eligible individuals will promptly be put in touch with a specialized attorney so they can have their claims filed.