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Can I get VA disability for PFAS exposure?

Yes, veterans can file a disability claim through the VA for any conditions they believe are the consequence of PFAS exposure during active duty.

The VA provides a toxic chemical risk assessment and is developing a registry for veterans exposed to these harmful substances.

Furthermore, Congress has introduced the Veterans Exposed to Toxic PFAS Act, which would ensure that veterans and their families are compensated for treatment for PFAS-related diseases. The veterans or their family members will have to prove that healthcare is required due to PFAS exposure at a military base and not another source.

Up to 97% of Americans have PFAS in their blood, so proving that exposure occurred at a military facility or during military service may prove challenging. Nevertheless, with the assistance of a toxic exposure attorney with significant experience in handling these cases, you can obtain VA disability compensation for your PFAS exposure-related disease. While only veterans are eligible for VA disability compensation, family members might be entitled to free healthcare. It is also important to know that if you receive disability benefits, you can also file a military base toxic exposure claim to obtain additional compensation.

Our expert team can help you find out if you are eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim

Atraxia Law has been evaluating toxic exposure and personal injury claims for over 35 years, so we have what it takes to help you determine whether you are eligible to file a claim for a disease caused by PFAS exposure at military bases. The process is simple and will require minimal involvement from you. If we deem you entitled to compensation, we will recommend you a specialized, top-notch attorney who can handle your case.