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What activities does Parkinson’s make difficult?

As a gradually debilitating neurologic condition, Parkinson's affects a broad range of physical and mental functions, progressively impacting the quality of life.

Due to irreversible neurologic deterioration that cannot be cured, individuals afflicted by the condition find it increasingly hard to accomplish activities that used to be effortless before symptoms manifested.

The tell-tale signs of Parkinson's are tremors, limb rigidity, and encumbered movement. Over time these symptoms become more severe, making daily activities challenging and leading to further complications such as:

The many complications associated with Parkinson's means that diagnosed individuals may require special assistance to perform formerly simple tasks or may even be prevented from carrying out certain activities, like:

Even if Parkinson’s limits the extent of activities a patient may be able to perform on his own, it does not totally exclude individuals from participating in fulfilling occupations and pastimes. Remaining engaged in physical and social activities is recommended to maintain a good quality of life and manage the condition’s more acute symptoms. Though accommodations and assistance may be required, activities that Parkinson’s-diagnosed individuals can undertake include:

Parkinson's may develop following prolonged exposure to toxic herbicides like paraquat, and individuals suffering from its debilitating effects may be eligible for benefits or compensation from the liable manufacturers.

To determine your claim's eligibility, you will need a Parkinson's diagnosis and evidence of exposure to paraquat. Reach out to the Atraxia Law experts as soon as you obtain your diagnosis to ensure that the statute of limitations doesn't impact your claim's success potential.

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