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What happens if the asbestos victim passes away during the legal process?

In the unfortunate event that the asbestos victim who is seeking assistance to file a claim passes away during the process, one of their close family members can step in and partake in the process on their behalf.

The team of Atraxia Law is also qualified to offer assistance to the family members of victims of asbestos exposure who passed away either before or during the process of having their case evaluated.

However, it is important to know that if you are not the person injured by asbestos exposure, you will receive less financial compensation, as there are no longer medical expenses to be covered.

Nevertheless, even if you are the family member of a victim of asbestos exposure who lost their life to a related disease, we still encourage you to take action and seek our assistance, as the compensation you may eventually receive can help you pay expenses such as the ones inquired by your loved one’s funeral. All you need to do to have your case evaluated is to send our expert team the employment or military records of your deceased family member, as well as their medical records, and we will carefully assess these documents. You will subsequently know with certainty if you are eligible for filing a wrongful death claim.

We provide assistance to the family members of deceased asbestos exposure victims

If you lost a family member who was a victim of asbestos exposure either during the process of having their case evaluated or before it, you may still be entitled to financial compensation on their behalf. Atraxia Law is here to provide you with quality assistance in determining if you can file a claim for your deceased loved one. We will recommend you a top attorney specializing in toxic exposure cases to proceed with the legal process.