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Where do PFAS chemicals come from?

The main sources of PFAS on military bases nationwide is firefighters using AFFF, a fire suppressant meant to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires.

Because it contains between 50% and 98% PFAS, it is dangerous not only to the environment, as these chemicals can persist for a thousand years, but also to the health of those who come in contact with it.

Once inside the body, PFAS remain there for years, being able to cause awful diseases, including several different cancers. The formula of AFFF was devised by the U.S. Navy and the 3M company in 1966. Since then, the fire suppressant has become the norm for putting out Class B fires.

With each use, AFFF releases tremendous amounts of PFAS into the environment, and removing these chemicals is a very challenging endeavor, even when using the most advanced technologies. Due to PFAS contamination stemming from AFFF use, many military bases across the country have been deemed Superfund sites by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and intense cleanup activities are ongoing at these installations. While firefighters have the highest risk of developing a disease as a result of PFAS exposure, veterans who spent time at contaminated military facilities might also come to struggle with various illnesses.

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