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Which baby formulas were found to cause NEC in newborns?

Feeding a premature baby any baby formula based on cow milk can result in necrotizing enterocolitis, as these products lack essential probiotics, which are necessary for the proper growth of the child. Unlike breast milk, which contains all the probiotics and nutrients required for normal development, baby formula with cow milk can lead to the development of necrotizing enterocolitis. There are some baby formulas that have been named in lawsuits as having a strong connection with necrotizing enterocolitis, including the following:

Up to 80% of baby formulas on the market have cow milk as the main ingredient, and almost every major brand and store equivalent offers formulas based on bovine milk. This is extremely dangerous for premature babies, as these products greatly increase their risk of necrotizing enterocolitis. Necrotizing enterocolitis affects 2% to 5% of all premature infants. If your baby was born prematurely and given formula with cow milk, which resulted in necrotizing enterocolitis, and they passed away, we encourage you to contact us, as you might be eligible to file an NEC in newborns claim.

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