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Who is at high risk of AFFF exposure?

Because AFFF is a fire suppressant, civilian and military firefighters who use it have the highest risk of developing a serious disease as a consequence of exposure.

Even if they wear protective equipment on the job, they are inevitably exposed to the PFAS lurking in the firefighting foam.

While AFFF can effectively put out fires, it is harmful to firefighters' health, as it sometimes contains up to 98% PFAS. It is worth noting that the fire suppressant is only used for Class B fires, specifically those stemming from combustible and flammable liquids and gases, such as:

The communities living close to areas where AFFF is often used, such as military bases and airports, are also at risk of PFAS exposure, as these chemicals are persistent contaminants, taking over a thousand years to break down in the environment. They can easily infiltrate drinking water sources, posing a major health threat to those who consume it. Once inside the body, PFAS remain there for years, being able to damage tissues and organs and eventually cause a serious disease, including cancer.

Atraxia Law can efficiently help you file your AFFF exposure claim

If you are or were a civilian or military firefighter and struggle with a disease related to AFFF exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact our expert team to have your case evaluated. The only documents we will request to assess your claim are your employment or military records and your medical records. Eligible individuals will promptly be put in touch with a reliable, specialized attorney to have their claims filed as soon as possible.