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Extremely Dangerous Fiberglass in Zinus Mattresses

Posted on 23rd December, 2021

by Legal Staff

Over recent months, many people filed a class-action lawsuit against Zinus, a manufacturer of mattresses that contain fiberglass as a fire retardant.

Unfortunately, the fiberglass in their mattresses severely injured the plaintiffs. If you were also injured by a Zinus mattress, we encourage you to contact our team to have your eligibility to join the lawsuit checked.

Founded in 2004, Zinus is a company that primarily manufactures mattresses. However, their products contain fiberglass as a fire retardant, which may pose a great health threat to consumers if they remove the outer cover of the mattress. Manufacturers of mattresses are required under federal law to include a fire retardant in their products. While in the past, companies would add various chemicals in mattresses as fire retardants, this is no longer the case, as those were found to endanger the health of consumers.

Moreover, fiberglass is very cheap to purchase, so manufacturers such as Zinus choose to use this fire retardant. For example, Zinus mattresses contain a shocking amount of 62% fiberglass. So far, Zinus has sold mattresses with glass fibers to over 15 million consumers, which is very alarming, as the company failed to warn its customers of the dangers of exposure to fiberglass.

While the majority of mattresses that contain fiberglass have no zipper on their outer cover to shield people from exposure to fiberglass, the mattresses of Zinus have a zipper, which signals to people that it is alright to remove the outer cover for washing. Furthermore, the label of their mattresses does not provide any warning concerning the danger of removing the outer cover and exposure to fiberglass.

Consequently, numerous consumers have removed the outer cover of their Zinus mattress to wash it, subsequently contaminating their entire house with fiberglass. For this reason, the company can be held liable for negligence, and people who suffered injuries related to exposure to fiberglass are entitled to financial compensation. Furthermore, the retailers who sold the defective mattresses are also listed as defendants in the class-action lawsuit against Zinus, Target Corporation, Amazon.com, LLC, Walmart, Inc., Wayfair LLC, and eBay Inc.

What Health Problems Can Exposure to Fiberglass Cause?

In addition to contaminating the entire house, fiberglass is also dangerous for our health. It is comprised of tiny shards that can easily penetrate the skin, with people often requiring surgery to have the pieces of glass removed from their bodies.

However, exposure to fiberglass can also occur through inhalation and ingestion, which may cause severe health problems. The following are the injuries you can sustain following exposure to fiberglass from Zinus mattresses:

Lastly, the risk of exposure is present even for people who do not remove the outer cover of their Zinus mattress, as, over the years, the fiberglass will break down and potentially stick through the mattress cover and reach your skin. While fiberglass is not a carcinogen, it can still cause severe health problems, which is why people whose health was affected by using a Zinus mattress are eligible for compensation from the manufacturer.

We Are Here to Assist You with Checking Your Zinus Claim Eligibility

With over 25 years of experience in evaluating product liability and personal injury claims, our experts are ready to check your eligibility if you intend to file a claim with Zinus. To start the process, you just have to give us a phone call, describe your situation in detail, answer our questions, and send us evidence that you own a Zinus mattress.

Our team will carefully assess your care and will eventually tell you with certainty whether you are entitled to compensation from Zinus. If you are, we will recommend you a lawyer who specializes in these cases who will help you carry on with the legal process. In the end, you will benefit from the money you deserve for your distress from the liable company.