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Devour is a brand name of paraquat

Another paraquat product sold in the U.S. and manufactured by Innvictis Crop Care LLC, Devour acts as a defoliant and desiccant contact herbicide to suppress or control a vast range of weeds, including small annual broadleaf, grass weeds, and actively grown green foliage.

It contains 43.2% paraquat dichloride, the active ingredient, and due to its high toxicity, an alerting odor has been added to prevent accidental ingestion.

Devour is very effective in eliminating weeds and grasses in over 100 different crops, including:

  • artichoke
  • vines
  • beans
  • cotton
  • corn
  • asparagus
  • rice
  • sugarcane
  • potatoes
  • alfalfa
  • sunflower
  • almonds
  • berries
  • peanuts
  • cacao
  • onion

This product must be stored in containers explicitly intended for pesticides and never transferred into food or beverage containers and any other systems made of aluminum. Devour is compatible with rubber-lined steel containers and high-density polyethylene and should be kept in a locked place away from children or animals, as it may be fatal if swallowed.

Devour exposure and Parkinson's disease

While Devour is one of the most popular herbicides in the U.S., only licensed applicators are allowed to employ it after undergoing special training provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. This product is hazardous to wildlife, so it cannot be applied to surface water areas.

Furthermore, it is forbidden in residential or public recreational regions (home gardens, schools, parks, golf courses, and playgrounds), as Devour is intended only for agricultural use.

Since it is a highly toxic product, individuals who mix and load Devour herbicide are required to wear appropriate protective equipment when they apply the substance, such as:

  • coveralls, shoes, and socks
  • face shields and protective eyewear
  • chemical-resistant gloves and aprons
  • a NIOSH-approved particulate respirator

All clothing and absorbent materials that have been heavily contaminated with the product's concentrate must be discarded.

Recently, prolonged exposure to paraquat products in commercial agricultural settings has been linked to Parkinson's disease, a neurodegenerative disorder inflicting symptoms like:

  • slowness of movement
  • stiffness of the limbs and trunk
  • a tremor in the hands, legs, or head
  • impaired coordination and balance

As misdiagnosis is highly common in people suffering from this condition, consulting several medical specialists is crucial for receiving an accurate Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

Quality claim filing services for people injured by paraquat exposure

If you were exposed to paraquat from products like Devour and came to struggle with Parkinson's disease, you may qualify for compensation from the liable manufacturer. While the legal process may prove quite complex, it will not require that much involvement on your part, as we will only need from you evidence of your paraquat exposure and a Parkinson's diagnosis. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any additional information.