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The scientific community Is concerned that hernia mesh can cause severe side effects

Were you injured when your hernia mesh failed? Scientists and researchers agree that surgical meshes may degrade and cause medical complications.

Below, we have listed summaries of the results of some recent hernia mesh studies, specifically studies on persistent inflammation, pain, and other unpleasant side effects caused by polypropylene hernia repair meshes.

The study investigated how polypropylene meshes, commonly used for inguinal hernia repair, may trigger adverse foreign body reactions and provide insights into these reactions' dynamics and mechanisms.

It also showed that mesh-associated chronic inflammation is displayed in patients long after surgery. A November 2018 study compared heavyweight mesh to lightweight mesh in the repair of groin hernia and showed that lightweight mesh was associated with increased postoperative pain and stiffness in open inguinal hernias.

The October 2017 study, on the other hand, showed the deterioration of polypropylene hernia meshes and analyzed how hernia meshes trigger various responses after being implanted in the human body.

The oxidative stress can sometimes cause structural integrity failures in the mesh implants. This can result in stiffening or even shrinkage of the mesh, which often causes chronic postoperative pain for patients.

Adverse health effects of polypropylene plastic

These reports and studies bring to light one fundamental truth: the human body naturally rejects polypropylene plastic implanted within it.

The body's immune system produces acids to dissolve, degrade or otherwise destroy the foreign elements, cause redness, infection, flu-like symptoms, nausea, headaches, and possible fever.

Polypropylene plastic was used by major medical device manufacturers to make the failed, recalled, and now banned transvaginal mesh and the hernia repair mesh device. Polypropylene was chosen because of its strength and flexibility as an ideal support mesh.

Hernia repair mesh failure leaves the patient in constant, excruciating pain and unable to perform even the most basic functions in life, such as bending over to tie one's shoes or walking.

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Contact Atraxia Law if you suffered complications due to side effects from hernia mesh

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