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The Use of Juul Vaporizers May Cause Heart Attack

While Juul vaporizers are becoming more and more popular, especially among teenagers, the serious health effects using these devices can lead to are being relentlessly studied by medical researchers. In addition to lung disease, which is the most prevalent among people who had been using Juul vaporizers or another type of e-cigarette for a long time, heart problems are also a concern among the medical community.

According to Mahmoud Sharaf, MD from UnityPoint Heath, people who vape have a risk of 56% higher of having a heart attack and a risk of 30% higher to suffer a stroke than non-smokers.

A heart attack occurs when a part of the heart muscle is not receiving enough blood, whereas a stroke happens when the heart arteries that carry oxygen to the organs in the body are blocked by cholesterol or when they are bleeding.

The effects of vaping on the heart are the following:

  • Cholesterol deposits: When you vape, the cholesterol deposits in your arteries become more unstable over time. This may lead to these cholesterol deposits rupturing and subsequently causing clots, which may eventually result in a heart attack or a stroke.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure: Because vaping spikes your adrenaline levels within 30 minutes of use, increased blood pressure and a faster heart rate will ensue, which means a higher risk for a heart attack or a stroke.
  • Artery stiffness: If you have been using Juul vaporizers for a long time, the nicotine and the other toxic compounds found in the vaping solution may stiffen your arteries, which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.
  • Blood clotting: The preservatives, compounds, and organic chemicals in the vaping solution affect normal blood clotting function almost immediately after vaping, which increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

While vaping is dangerous for people of all ages, medical specialists are particularly concerned about the youth, as Juul vaporizers are currently very popular among this demographic. "Teens who are vaping now might be 18 and wouldn't otherwise have had heart issues. But, if they continue vaping, their first heart problem might appear as early as their late 20s or early 30s,"?Dr. Sharaf says.

According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, e-cigarettes were the most common tobacco product among high school students, with nearly 28% of teenagers using the devices, whereas, in middle school, e-cigarettes were used by over 10% of students.

This is a very alarming situation, as children and teenagers may come to struggle with serious conditions, including heart problems, at a very early age. Contrary to popular belief, using Juul vaporizers is not safer than smoking regular cigarettes, as the liquid of the device contains thousands of toxic chemicals along with nicotine.

Have Juul Vaporizers Been Recalled?

Unfortunately, Juul vaporizers have not yet been recalled from the market, despite a controversy that occurred in 2019, when the manufacturer Juul Labs, Inc. shipped at least one million contaminated e-cigarette pods throughout the country.

A former Juul executive was alleging this in a lawsuit. Nevertheless, this has not prompted the company to recall their products, as the former CEO of the company said that "half our customers are drunk and vaping, who is going to notice the quality of our pods".

Furthermore, the former CEO said that the lawsuit is "baseless." Therefore, Juul vaporizers are still widely available in the United States and while their health effects are still being studied by medical researchers, they are undoubtedly dangerous and a potential health threat.

If You Were Injured by Juul Vaporizers You Can Find Out About Your Eligibility Status by Contacting Atraxia Law

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