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Paraquat 43.2% SL - A Toxic Herbicide Sold in the U.S

Paraquat 43.2% SL is a widely used weedkiller that effectively destroys a broad spectrum of weeds that have become resistant to glyphosate. The herbicide is manufactured by Redeagle International LLC.

Paraquat is a restricted-use toxic weed killer; due to its high toxicity, only certified, licensed applicators can buy and use it for crops.

Although paraquat is described as "a unique herbicide" that "can deliver safe, effective weed control," long-term exposure to this herbicide is linked to a number of health concerns. One of them is Parkinson's disease, an incurable ailment that affects the brain.

Still, the manufacturer has failed to warn farmworkers using the herbicide and people living nearby farming communities about the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Paraquat 43.2% SL has been used for decades on various crops in the US, including:

  • fruit trees
  • corn
  • asparagus
  • cotton
  • soy
  • grapes
  • artichoke
  • peanuts
  • watermelon

Frequent exposure to Paraquat?43.2% SL is highly dangerous

When sprayed on crops during application, the toxic weed killer becomes airborne and drifts long distances from the crops to all neighboring communities. Therefore, a significant concern regarding the use of this herbicide is that not only licensed farmworkers are exposed to it, but also individuals living, working, or attending schools near commercial farms.

The primary health risk of exposure to paraquat is developing Parkinson's disease, a debilitating, incurable illness that affects the brain. Thereby, if you or your loved one frequently uses this herbicide, we highly recommend being attentive to identify the early signs of this severe health condition, which may include:

  • tremor in arms, legs, chin, or head
  • impaired balance and coordination
  • dizziness and slowness of movement
  • stiffness of the limbs and trunk

If you or a family member have already been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, you should immediately seek a second and even a third medical opinion. Unfortunately, individuals with this life-altering condition are often misdiagnosed. An accurate diagnosis will not only help you receive proper treatment but will also make you eligible for rightful financial compensation from the liable manufacturer.

We can help you file a paraquat exposure claim

If you or somebody you know with a history of frequent Paraquat use was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, we encourage you to seek legal help.

With over three decades of experience in evaluating toxic exposure claims, the Atraxia Law team is ready to provide you with effective legal assistance in determining whether you are eligible to file a paraquat exposure claim.

The eligibility requirements for this are the following: you must have used or been exposed to Paraquat 43.2% SL or other paraquat-containing chemical weedkillers and have an accurate diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.