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PFAS have a strong ability to interfere with thyroid function, new studies show

The primary source of PFAS at military installations is aqueous film-forming foam, a firefighting foam developed by the Department of Defense in the 1960s. It was first acquired by the Navy and the Marine Corps in 1967.

PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals known for their persistence even at high temperatures. A growing body of scientific data suggests concerns about the PFAS impacts on human health.

Toxicology studies show that PFAS chemicals are easily absorbed after oral exposure and accumulate in the human body for long periods of time, increasing the risk of cancer and other health issues, including conditions that affect the thyroid gland.

Higher exposure to certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances was related to increased risk of thyroid disease

According to the ATSDR draft toxicological report, findings have consistently shown PFAS to be associated with various diseases, including thyroid disease. The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck below the voice box, responsible for producing thyroid hormones that play an important role in:

  • regulating the body's metabolism
  • maintaining muscle control, brain function and development, heart, and digestive functions

Despite the powerful role the thyroid plays in the body, it is quite susceptible to damage from exogenous influences such as environmental toxins, due in part to the fact that several categories of environmental toxins bear a structural resemblance of thyroid hormones.

Many environmental toxins, including PFAS, with structures similar to thyroid hormones, are mistaken for iodine and selenium and accumulate in the thyroid gland.

Given the potential association between PFAS and thyroid hormones, the concern arises about whether PFAS exposure may disrupt maternal and fetal thyroid function during pregnancy.

A study of the effect of exposure to PFAS in pregnant women and teenage males indicated that there is some association between this exposure and thyroid problems that occur during fetal development and certain periods of childhood.

If your fire department used PFAS-containing foam during training or fire suppression to put out Class B fires and you have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. To explore your options, contact Atraxia Law today.

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Drinking water from a private well near a military base, airport, or firefighting training facility that has contaminated groundwater is a common source of exposure to PFAS.

If you live near an airport or military base, you are at a very high risk of being exposed to PFAS through firefighting foam. Contact us immediately to assess your eligibility for filing a toxic exposure claim.