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$2 Billion Roundup Verdict Reduced in Tentative Ruling

Alberta and Alva Pilliod, a couple who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma due to Roundup weed killer, was awarded $2 billion by a jury in Oakland.

However, the verdict was reduced by 90%, as the punitive damage was beyond the limits allowed by legal precedent.

Therefore, the couple's punitive damage ranged from $20 million to $100 million.

Even though this verdict was significantly reduced, Bayer - the manufacturer of Roundup - still has to pay over 13,000 people who suffered personal injuries following the use of this product.

"As long as the per-plaintiff verdicts remain in the millions, the reductions in punitive damages still do not help Bayer when it is thinking about its ultimate litigation and settlement strategy. Without any wins under its belt, Bayer is still facing enormous per-plaintiff payouts," said Anna Pavlik, senior counsel for special situations at United First Partners LLC in New York, before the tentative ruling was issued.

About Roundup

Roundup was first produced in 1974, and since then, millions of Americans have been employing it for gardening.

In the meantime, dozens of new lawsuits are filed every month throughout the U.S. against Bayer.

The $2 billion verdicts were the largest in the U.S. this year and the eighth largest ever in a lawsuit involving defective products.

It is estimated that Bayer has to pay between $2.5 billion and $20 billion to settle all the lawsuits initiated against the company. The Oakland case is Pilliod v. Monsanto Co., RG17862702, California Superior Court, County of Alameda (Oakland).

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