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Thousands of Women Disclose Severe Complications Caused By Paragard T 380A Breaking In Their Body

The FDA has approved intrauterine devices as a safe and effective form of birth control.

However, the Paragard IUD, manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, is currently gathering numerous complaints and lawsuits.

Its defective design has inflicted severe side effects and complications leading to surgeries. This popular non-hormonal, copper-wrapped plastic device is implanted in the uterus and it helps to protect against unplanned pregnancies for 10 years.

While it may seem like low maintenance, carefree method, it's not exactly a healthy option. In many cases, the failure of the IUD occurs before the end of its lifespan and may fracture when explanted, or the arms break long before.

Paragard IUD Might Lead to Medical Complications and Invasive, Irreversible Procedures

The removal of defective IUDs means invasive procedures, which might also be irreversible, such as:

  • hysteroscopy
  • laparoscopy
  • laparotomy
  • hysterectomy

The centralized complaints registered with the FDA prove the alarming outcome of Paragard IUD use, with over 3,000 cases signaling product issues and countless others with supplementary life-threatening results, and even death. Given the great number of victims, it is paradoxical how the product is still on the market and a recall is yet to be imposed.

Injured parties have already begun filing lawsuits against the manufacturer for failing to adequately inform and warn about the potential risks that device breakage involves while being misleadingly advertised as a dependable product.

For more information on Paragard IUD breakage and removal complications, see our infographic.

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