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Paragard IUD Claim Eligibility for Injured Consumers

Birth control methods come in different levels of effectiveness and means of administering, yet nobody seems to consider their outcome. This should be the main criterion, especially when referring to the Paragard IUD (generically named Paragard T 380A), that can inflict damaging consequences. The product is a non-hormonal, copper-wrapped device, inserted into the uterus by a medical specialist, and removed after 10 years of use.

The public outcry over the dangers of Paragard IUD validates its deficiency and discloses major issues like breakage. Manufacturers have it registered as a pharmaceutical and not a medical device, as an attempt to elude responsibility. They further seem to neglect the importance of properly prescribing information, and fail to warn on the frequency of device breakage and intensity of adverse reactions.

Side Effects that Lead to Claims

According to FDA reports, there is criticism all around the U.S. regarding Paragard IUD reported injuries from patients experiencing painful medical issues, caused by breakage of the device, migration, and parts embedded in other organs. All these complaints are generated by a multitude of listed side effects. Some of the most prevailing are:

  • Anemia
  • Backache
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual cramps)
  • Dyspareunia (pain in the genital area during intercourse)
  • Complete or partial expulsion (it takes place when your IUD falls out of the uterus)
  • Prolonged menstrual flow
  • Menstrual spotting (light vaginal bleeding that happens outside of the regular menstrual cycle)
  • Pain and cramping
  • Vaginitis

The list of severe and permanent complications includes:

In more extreme cases, when a hysteroscopy surgery does not help to remove the broken IUD,  the patient may require other invasive procedures, such as:

  • Laparoscopy (accessing the inside of the abdomen or pelvis through small incisions)
  • Laparotomy (C-section type procedure to remove the pieces
  • Hysterectomy (the removal of the uterus, which causes permanent infertility)

Paragard IUD Settlements and Litigation

All women who suffered from an injury by Paragard T 380A may be eligible for financial compensation. The potential plaintiffs don't need to have the device removed. Those who still have broken pieces inside of them can also qualify.

Teva Pharmaceuticals failed to warn users and medical professionals about the susceptibility of implants breaking and causing severe health troubles. These findings have been reported after women pursued IUD removal and had to endure invasive procedures or surgeries.

Case evaluations are performed according to any of the following complications related to a Teva Paragard implant:

  • Puncture
  • Perforation
  • Migration
  • Fracture
  • Breakage
  • Became irretrievable
  • Complications leading to surgical removal

The foundation for filing a claim stands in proving that the device had a defective design or a manufacturing error and that the manufacturer was negligent and failed to properly warn about risks. Furthermore, there has to be irrefutable evidence that the patient has suffered an injury and the financial damages that it resulted in (medical bills, loss of wages and future earnings, pain, and suffering).

The litigation process involves all similar cases being consolidated into one federal district court. This legal mechanism of resolution is called multidistrict litigation, and it is a very practical procedure that allows the cases to remain separate. They are not class actions, but the pursuance of personal injury claims, where the victims do not have to put in time and effort since there is no need for them to be present in court.

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