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Migration Leading to Embedment - Paragard IUD Complications

Many women increasingly suffer acute injuries upon their Paragard IUD removal, because of breakage. This process can project pieces of the device into other organs and tissues, making fragments difficult to retrieve. The outcome may require invasive interventions, including a hysteroscopy or hysterectomy, which is tragic news.

The extraction is supposed to be effortless: the medical practitioner pulls on the strings hanging from the IUD, folding the “T” arms and taking it out in one part. However, serious problems appear when the arms break off inside the body and the bits get stuck in the walls of the uterus or other organs.

The fractured Paragard IUD can cause severe internal injuries. The fragments of the product’s arms end up embedded in the uterine wall most of the time, causing heavy and chronic pain.

Safely removing the remaining pieces is ideal, but often not possible. Segments of copper and plastic may even be challenging to extract even after the IUD is taken out.

Complications From a Fractured Paragard IUD Leaving Part of It Embedded in the Uterus

Paragard can undergo a rupture during non-surgical removal, embed in the uterus, even perforate it or threaten other organs, making the proceeding problematic. Women may experience:

The manufacturer of Paragard failed to provide adequate warnings and inform doctors and patients about the associated hazards.

Infertility is one of the devastating consequences that women can experience as a result of a deficient IUD, having to live the rest of their lives with physical and emotional scars.

Compensation Is Available for Resulting Injuries

If you have been injured by a broken Paragard IUD, you may pursue financial compensation.

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