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Expulsion - Paragard IUD Complications

Most women are confident that their chosen contraceptive method is effective, especially since the Paragard IUD has been advertised as safe and successful. The outcome is not always a positive one, hence the many complaints arising in the past years related to the complications from using this product.

Increased uterine pain and bleeding may determine early removal, but in some cases, the body reacts on its own and rejects the IUD, pushing it out of the uterus. This is called “expulsion” and is more likely to occur in the first year following insertion.

There are two distinct scenarios:

  • Partial expulsion (when part of the IUD is dislodged from the uterus and may puncture its wall)
  • Complete expulsion

In both cases, the patient may not be aware of the device being expelled, thus potentially enhancing the risk of an unplanned pregnancy, and multiple painful side effects.

Symptoms of the Paragard IUD Expulsion

Among patients prone to expulsion are the ones that either have never been pregnant or have had the Paragard IUD inserted right after giving birth or after a second-trimester abortion. Other copper IUD users include women of a younger age, women that have already had another expulsion, or that normally have heavy periods.

When symptoms ensue, they inflict:

  • Unusual cramping and discomfort
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge and bleeding
  • Painful intercourse
  • Fever

Complications Associated with Paragard IUD Expulsion

An expelled Paragard IUD does not only come with painful side effects and increased chances of pregnancy but may also generate serious complications:

In case of partial expulsion, if fragments of the device remain inserted during pregnancy, it can turn into a real threat for the mother and the unborn child, and create the possibility for an ectopic pregnancy.

Soon after IUD removal on account of expulsion, many women encounter modifications of their menstrual cycle, with changes related to irregular bleeding, accompanied by pain during intercourse and in the pelvis.

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