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Claim filing process and steps

With over 35 years of experience handling toxic exposure and product liability claims, Atraxia Law is suitably prepared to determine your eligibility for financial compensation, ensuring a faster and more efficient process.

1. We establish your eligibility

For over three decades, we have dedicated our expertise and knowledge to helping individuals injured by defective products and toxic exposure file claims to obtain the financial compensation owed to them by the liable parties.

However, before recovering any compensation for your injuries, a set of eligibility criteria first have to be met. Depending on the type of exposure and the health issue at hand, we can establish if you qualify for submitting an injury or a mass tort claim. You can fit in any of the following categories:

2. We comprehensively evaluate your claim

If you believe you're entitled to compensation, the first step to kick off the process is by contacting Atraxia Law. We will subsequently ask you to provide us with all the details about your diagnosis and the circumstances of your injury. We will require only proof of your use of a defective product or evidence of toxic exposure, and a medical diagnosis attesting to your condition. Our resourceful professionals will expeditiously handle the rest of the complicated paperwork.

Your claim's success depends on relevant and verifiable evidence that supports the causal link between your diagnosis and your use of a defective product or exposure to toxic agents. Depending on the situation, our evaluation will focus on aspects such as:

Over the years, we have gathered a significant amount of experience in determining a claim's eligibility and chances of success, allowing us to evaluate your case in a time-efficient manner by focusing only on the relevant aspects.

3. We compile the necessary documentation

After gathering the relevant information that will be included in your claim and the evidence you have provided us, Atraxia Law will handle all the strenuous paperwork to ensure your claim is sufficiently documented. Where applicable, we will double-check your military or employment records and medical documents to confirm they attest to the causal link between your diagnosis and your exposure to toxic agents or the use of a defective product.

4. Our legal partners file your claim with the liable parties

After we have gathered all the necessary information and the relevant documents, we will forward your case to one of our legal partners, who will submit it on your behalf. Atraxia Law collaborates with attorneys across the US with adequate expertise and know-how to ensure you receive the compensation that your struggle entitles you to.

In cases such as asbestos exposure, your claim may be filed with the trust funds companies established to compensate victims. The claim is filed directly with the liable company if such a fund doesn't exist. Moreover, if more than one company is responsible for your situation, our legal partners will file claims with each liable party to achieve the maximum compensation you're entitled to.

If your injuries result from active service, claims may also be filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) so that you will be afforded disability compensation and other VA benefits. Veterans should be aware that their suffering entitles them to compensation from both the VA and the liable manufacturers, and filing a toxic exposure claim doesn't exempt them from being able to file a VA claim.

5. We facilitate faster results

Your claim's potential for success will depend on variable factors like differing local laws and who represents your interests. Law firms and their attorneys are often burdened with an ample volume of work and cases that require exhaustive attention to detail and research, meaning that your case may not be handled as urgently as you may expect despite their best efforts.

Atraxia Law provides a faster and more efficient means of filing your claims successfully. Over our more than three decades of diligently serving clients, we have learned to recognize the aspects likely to ensure your claim's success and what documentation is necessary to gain compensation from those liable.

After we determine your eligibility and compile the relevant documentation, we forward your claim to one of our trusted legal partners, who will submit it and strive to achieve the compensation you deserve. By taking care of the time-consuming document and evidence gathering, establishing your claim's eligibility, and referring it to an attorney specializing in your specific type of issue, we significantly expedite the process and reduce the variables that could impact your case's outcome.

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