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Beckwourth Complex Fire claim eligibility

The Beckwourth Complex was a wildfire that destroyed a significant part of the Plumas National Forest in Plumas and Lassen counties, California. While the Sugar Fire sparked on July 2, 2021, the Dotta Fire occurred on July 30, 2021 northeast of Beckwourth. The cause of the fire complex is lightning, and it burnt 105,670 acres. Numerous residential areas had to be evacuated, and some portions of the Plumas National Forest had to be shut down due to the Beckwourth Complex Fire. In the community of Doyle, 33 homes were destroyed. Governor Gavin Newsom put the complex under a state of emergency on July 17, 2021.

Burning to the west of Dixie Mountain, on Horton Ridge, the Dotta Fire developed a smoke column that resulted in considerable fire activity, including a spot fire. Therefore, the area of Dixie Valley was put under an evacuation warning. By July 4, the fire had burned 670 acres and was 24% contained. The Sugar Fire started on the southeast side of Sugarloaf Peak, near Nervino Airport, 3 miles northeast of Beckwourth, adjacent to the Plumas National Forest. In spite of considerable fire growth on July 3 due to dry conditions, cloud cover and humidity helped slow down fire activity on July 4, allowing firefighters to make containment progress.

The impact of the Beckwourth Complex Fire on the community

The Beckwourth Complex Fire inevitably led to the mandatory evacuations, which started on July 6 and included various portions of Plumas County and every recreational and residential area of Frenchman Lake. In Lassen County, the Doyle Grade area was also evacuated starting July 9, and the Sugar Fire also resulted in mandatory evacuations. These are the areas in which evacuations became mandatory while the wildfire was active:

  • Beckwourth
  • Frenchman Cove
  • Frenchman Village
  • Maddalena
  • Washoe County
  • Nevada for Fish Springs
  • Flannigan Flats
  • Rancho Haven

The fire has also greatly affected recreational activities. Most of the fire area has been closed to the public, including trails, roads, and points of interest, such as Frenchman Lake, until September 1, 2021. The fire severely damaged some of the facilities at the lake and campground and, tragically, the Sugar Fire destroyed 33 homes in Doyle and 148 buildings in total. To make matters worse, 23 structures were damaged as well. The two wildfires impacted air quality in the Reno, Nevada area to a great extent.

The eligibility criteria for filing a Beckwourth Complex Fire claim

Atraxia Law encourages everyone whose life or property has been impacted by the Beckwourth Complex Fire to take action and check whether they are eligible to file a claim with their insurance company. However, to be able to obtain financial compensation, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • the Beckwourth Complex Fire injured you or your family
  • the Beckwourth Complex destroyed or caused damage to your property
  • one of your family members lost their life as a consequence of the wildfire

If you are a homeowner, business owner, renter, but also a person or entity whose life was turned upside down by the damage, you can file a claim with your insurer. For instance, to qualify for filing a wildfire claim, your home, your land, your business location, or your vehicle must have been damaged and not covered by your insurance policy.

Our team of professionals will help you file your Beckwourth Complex Fire claim

In the regrettable event that your home or your health was affected by the Beckwourth Complex Fire, you have the legal right to seek financial compensation from your insurance company, as oftentimes, policies do not cover the aftermath of wildfires. Nevertheless, with the assistance of a specialized attorney, it is easy to get the money you deserve. Before seeking the help of a lawyer, however, we advise you to contact our expert team, which will check your claim filing eligibility.

You only have to give us a phone call, describe your situation, answer our questions, and send us evidence of your injuries or property damage. We will thoroughly assess your case, and if we find out that you qualify for filing a wildfire claim, we will quickly guide you toward a skilled lawyer. They will further help you by filing your Beckwourth Complex Fire claim, and you will eventually benefit from the money you are entitled to.

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