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PFAS exposure at Brooks Air Force Base

This military base was built in 1917 and was active until 2011. It is located in San Antonio, Texas. The U.S. Air Force Base was one of the 32 U.S. Army Air Services training camps founded after the country entered World War I and was initially called Kelly Field No. 5. Brooks Air Force Base was subsequently named in honor of aviator Sidney Johnson Brooks Jr. He lost his life in 1917 during his final training flight. At the moment, there is acute contamination with PFAS on the area Brooks Air Force Base is situated, which greatly endangers the health of the people who are stationed there. Due to the serious degree of pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency classified this military base as a Superfund site, and cleanup operations are still being carried out on the site.

Also known as "forever chemicals", PFAS are a group of fluorinated substances that, on military bases like Brooks Air Force Base, stem from the frequent use of AFFF, a fire suppressant. Military firefighters and trainees would employ AFFF to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires, which are quite usual on U.S. Air Force bases. However, these chemicals were found to be extremely dangerous to human health, as exposure, which occurs via inhalation or ingestion, can lead to the development of awful diseases, including many types of cancer.

What contaminants of concern are present on Brooks Air Force Base?

PFAS are currently the only toxic agent contaminating the site of Brooks Air Force Base. However, their concentration in the environment is alarming, as it exceeds the permissible limit, which means that everyone who lives there is heavily exposed to these chemicals. What makes PFAS challenging to remove from the environment is their inability to break down. For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency is striving to find effective ways to clean up the premises of Brooks Air Force Base and to make the military base safe once again.

Similarly, when PFAS enter the body, they remain there forever, as they cannot be eliminated. This is very concerning, as a high concentration of PFAS in the blood was found to have a strong causal relation with cancer, among other terrible health problems. You can be exposed to PFAS by breathing in or swallowing particles released by the use of AFFF. It goes without saying that military firefighters and trainees have the greatest risk of becoming sick, as they work directly with AFFF on a regular basis.

What diseases can PFAS exposure on military bases cause?

Without a doubt, the most devastating disease exposure to PFAS can result in is cancer, a disease that can affect numerous parts of the body, depending on where the largest amount of chemicals is located. It is important to mention that PFAS exposure usually takes several years to several decades to cause disease, as these substances gradually damage the organ or tissue they attached themselves to. The following are the health issues you can experience due to PFAS exposure and also the diagnoses that make you eligible to file a claim:

Regrettably, once you have PFAS in your blood, they remain there forever, which renders you more susceptible to developing serious health problems. While you cannot prevent the occurrence of a disease, you can make sure a potential health issue is timely found by undergoing regular medical examinations. If your disease is diagnosed in the early stages, treatment will be significantly more effective and may even save your life.

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