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PFAS exposure at Chanute Air Force Base

Established in 1917, Chanute Air Force Base was located in Champaign County, Illinois, south of Rantoul, Illinois, about 130 miles south of Chicago. The main purpose of the base was to provide technical training to new recruits.

Today, the military base is a Superfund site, which the EPC is struggling to clean up, as numerous chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds, were present in the drinking water, as well as in the air and soil. Over 2 million servicemen and servicewomen were stationed at Chanute Air Force Base before 1993 when it was finally closed. The primary source of PFAS at Chanute Air Force Base was AFFF, aqueous film-forming foam, which was used by military personnel in training to extinguish fires.

The first tests conducted by the EPA at Chanute Air Force Base were done in 2014, which revealed a level of PFAS 100 million times higher than the permissible limit in drinking water. It is estimated that the process of cleaning up the toxic agents from the military base will be completed by the end of 2022. At the moment, Chanute Air Force Base is being redeveloped for civilian uses. The military base was made of 81 environmental sites, most of which were contaminated with PFAS. Because PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals, was present in the drinking water on the base, military personnel and their family members are now at risk of developing a serious disease as a result of exposure.

What toxic agents were present on Chanute Air Force Base in drinking water?

While PFAS was the main toxic agent found at Chanute Air Force Base, there were other dangerous chemicals polluting the drinking water at the camp and thereby endangering the health of the military members and their family members. The following are some of the toxic agents that could be found in drinking water, as well as in the air and soil, of Chanute Air Force Base:

  • volatile organic compounds
  • pesticides
  • dioxins
  • polychlorinated biphenyls
  • furans
  • heavy metals

Exposure to these dangerous chemicals can lead to the development of serious, even life-threatening diseases over the years, which is why it is very important to seek medical attention immediately if you notice a new onset of symptoms.

What diseases can you develop after exposure to PFAS?

There are numerous terrible diseases one can develop after drinking contaminated water for a long period of time. Exposure occurs when one drinks tainted water, but it is worthy of note that a disease will not develop immediately afterward, as they have a long latency period and thereby it may take several years for you to receive a diagnosis. The following are the diseases you can develop after consuming drinking water that contains PFAS:

It is important to know that if you have one of the above diagnoses, you are entitled to financial compensation.

File a claim to recover compensation for PFAS exposure at Chanute Air Force Base

If you came to struggle with a disease after your stay at Chanute Air Force Base, whether you are a veteran or a family member of one, we will help you find out if you are eligible to file a PFAS claim. The process is simple and will require minimal involvement on your part, as the only necessary documents are your military and medical records. If you are deemed eligible you will be connected with the best PFAS lawyer for your case.

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