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PFAS exposure at China Lake Naval Base

Originally known as the Naval Ordnance Test Station, the military base is located in China Lake, California. It is still operating today. However, during the la century, the drinking water at China Lake Naval Base was contaminated with PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals, exposure to which can have devastating effects on human health. The military base represents 85% of the U.S. Navy’s land for weapons and armaments research, development, acquisition, testing, and evaluation use, and 38% of the U.S. Navy’s land holdings worldwide.

China Lake Naval Base is located in the Western Mojave Desert area of California, approximately 150 miles north of Los Angeles. It expands over 3 counties, namely Kern, San Bernardino, and Inyo. The Environmental Protection Agency tested 11 wells on the base and found that 7 of them were contaminated with PFAS. The agency also discovered that the levels of PFAS were 8 million parts per trillion, which makes China Lake Naval Base one of the most severely contaminated places in the world. There are 94 contaminated sites at China Lake Naval Base and the cost of the cleanup done by the EPA so far is $127 million. The completion of the cleanup is estimated to end in 2023 and the agency will need another $104 million to perform it.

What diseases can exposure to PFAS from drinking water cause?

PFAS are a group of toxic chemicals, namely perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl, exposure to which can lead to the development of multiple serious diseases over the years. It is important to know that exposure to PFAS does not result in immediate health effects, as once inside the body, these toxic agents take years or even decades to cause disease. Therefore, if you were stationed at China Lake Naval Base for at least one cumulative year, either as a member of the military or as a family member of one, you were inevitably exposed to PFAS by drinking contaminated water. These are the most common diseases, as well as the diseases that make you eligible for seeking compensation, which exposure to PFAS can lead to:

If you notice a new onset of symptoms as a veteran who spent time at China Lake Naval Base or as a family member of one, please seek medical attention immediately. You may have unknowingly developed a disease as a consequence of exposure to PFAS, as these diseases are usually asymptomatic in their early phases. A medical specialist will thoroughly examine you and subsequently assign you a correct and accurate diagnosis. However, because these diseases are often misdiagnosed, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion. Not only will a correct diagnosis help you receive the treatment you need, but it may also qualify you for compensation.

Quality assistance for veterans and family members injured by exposure to PFAS

In the unfortunate case that you were diagnosed with a disease following exposure to PFAS at China Lake Naval Base, please contact us for a free-of-charge case review, as you may be entitled to financial compensation. The documents you will have to submit are your military and medical records. It is important to know that the process is over the phone and requires minimal involvement on your part. If you meet the eligibility criteria you will be connected with a skilled attorney who will file the claim on your behalf.

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