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PFAS exposure at Eielson Air Force Base

Located approximately 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, Eielson Air Force Base was named in honor of the polar pilot Carl Ben Eielson. In 1989, it became a Superfund site, as heavy contamination with PFAS occurred on the base, particularly in the drinking water military members and their family members who were stationed there consumed on a regular basis.

For this reason, numerous veterans who spent at least one year at Eielson Air Force Base came to struggle with terrible diseases as a result of exposure to PFAS. It is worthy of note that aqueous film-forming foam, commonly known as AFFF, has been used on the base during the training of military personnel, which contributed significantly to water contamination.

The base was established in 1943 with the purpose of training and equipping soldiers for close air support of ground troops in arctic environments. It covers 19,700 acres, most of which are forest, wetlands, lakes, and ponds. The drinking water at Eielson Air Force Base was severely contaminated with PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals that, once they are inside the body, can gradually lead to the development of serious diseases. Inevitably, the military members and their family members who were stationed on the base consumed tainted water, which now places them at high risk of developing a disease as a result of exposure to PFAS. Approximately 5,500 people lived on base during the last century. The Eielson Air Force Base is still active today. Out of the 57 wells on the base, 46 were found to contain PFAS.

What other toxic agents were dumped at Eielson Air Force Base?

In addition to PFAS, the drinking water at Eielson Air Force Base also contained several other toxic agents, which are equally dangerous to human health. They made their way into the water system as a result of the activities conducted by nearby facilities. Some of the most hazardous chemicals that were present in the drinking water of the base were:

  • benzene
  • xylene
  • petroleum
  • toluene
  • polychlorinated biphenyl
  • tetrachloroethylene
  • lead
  • volatile organic compounds
  • dioxins

It is important to know that exposure to these dangerous chemicals does not result in a disease immediately, as they need time to damage the organs they reached. For this reason, it is crucial to keep a close eye on your health, as oftentimes, the diseases caused by exposure to toxic agents take years to develop. If you notice a new onset of symptoms, please seek medical attention right away.

What are the diseases exposure to PFAS can lead to?

Exposure to PFAS from drinking water can result in multiple awful diseases that lower the quality of life of the sufferer and can eventually be fatal. This is why you should seek medical attention immediately if you experience bothersome symptoms, as a timely diagnosis will help you receive the treatment you need. Seeking a second opinion is also important, as the diseases caused by exposure to PFAS are often misdiagnosed. The following are the most severe diseases which can occur as a result of drinking water contaminated with PFAS, as well as the diagnoses that make you eligible for filing a claim to recover compensation:

In addition to having one of the previously mentioned diseases, you will also need to have spent at least one cumulative year at Eielson Air Force Base, whether you are a veteran or a family member of one.

Quality assistance for veterans and family members injured by PFAS exposure

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