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PFAS exposure at England Air Force Base

Originally known as Alexandria Army Air Base, the military base underwent a name change in 1955. It is located 170 miles northwest of New Orleans, Louisiana. Because military firefighters who were in training would regularly use AFFF, a very effective fire suppressant, contamination with PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals that persist in the environment, was bound to occur.

As a result, numerous veterans and their family members who were stationed on England Air Force Base came to struggle with terrible, often terminal diseases. To qualify for compensation, you must have stayed on the base for at least 1cumulative year and have one of the eligible diagnoses.

The most severe case of environmental pollution concerns England Air Force Base, as the drinking water on the base contained 20.7 million parts per trillion of PFAS, overwhelmingly over the permissible limit. England Air Force Base was permanently closed in 1992 and the EPA is still striving to clean up the contaminated areas. As a result of the heavy pollution it has, the base is now a Superfund site. If you lived on the base, either alone or with your family, after 1970, when AFFF began increasing in popularity, you were inevitably exposed to PFAS, which makes you susceptible to developing a serious disease.

What diseases make you eligible for filing a claim?

While drinking contaminated water can result in numerous health problems, people who lived on England Air Force Base for at least 1 cumulative year qualify for compensation only if they have one of the following diseases, as there is a definitive causal relation between these diagnoses and exposure to PFAS:

If you notice a new onset of symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately, as you may have developed a serious disease. Furthermore, because these health conditions can be quite challenging to accurately diagnose, it is also a good idea to have a second opinion from another medical specialist.

Quality assistance for people injured by PFAS exposure on England Air Force Base

Atraxia Law has the resources and knowledge necessary to assist you in finding out if you are eligible to file a PFAS claim. The entire process is quick and easy, over the phone, in which your involvement will be minimal so that you can continue to focus on your health and treatment. If deemed eligible a skilled PFAS attorney file the claim on your behalf. In the end, you will receive the maximum compensation available, which will also help you afford superior healthcare and treatment.

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