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Are the otologic symptoms caused by Tepezza reversible?

Some of the otologic symptoms of the Tepezza infusion treatment are reversible, which means that they improve or disappear completely after treatment is concluded, but others are irreversible, and if that is the case, Tepezza infusion treatment might carry the risk of permanent hearing loss.

Tepezza is a relatively new drug for the treatment of thyroid eye disease (TED), approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in January 2020.

Introduced on the market as an innovative drug and also as the sole FDA-approved prescription drug for the treatment of TED, Tepezza was received with anticipation by those suffering from this rare autoimmune condition associated with an overactive thyroid gland. A Tepezza treatment consists of a total of eight IV infusions administered once every three weeks.

Side effects of the Tepezza infusion treatment appear after an average of 3 to 4 infusions

Though hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related symptoms may appear after one single shot of Tepezza, a small study published in January 2021 showed that otologic symptoms develop after an average of 3.6 infusions. In this study, a total of 26 patients were observed during their Tepezza treatment (having received at least four infusions) and during a follow-up period of three months after their last infusion. The hearing-related side effects of the Tepezza infusion treatment revealed in this study include:

Compared to the hearing loss risks warned by the manufacturer, having a probability of occurrence in about 10% of the patients, the much higher rate of 65% revealed by this above-mentioned Stanford University study is alarming. Just as alarming are the findings related to the reversibility of the symptoms.

Not all hearing-related side effects of Tepezza infusion treatment are reversible

The same study by Stanford University researchers has revealed that despite being labeled as reversible by the drug’s manufacturer, the hearing-related adverse effects of Tepezza infusion treatment are not all reversible. Some of these persisted even after the follow-up period observed in the study. Having to deal with transitional hearing loss or having to live a life with permanent hearing loss are two completely different situations.

Though the study was relatively small, two important conclusions may be drawn from its findings:

If you have received one or more Tepezza infusions and are now suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related side effects, it is recommended that you seek out assistance in filing a Tepezza claim to obtain the compensation you might be entitled to.

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