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Am I eligible for a Tepezza claim if I have a history of hearing issues?

Preexisting hearing issues are currently an exclusionary factor in filing a Tepezza claim.

The eligibility criteria for filing a Tepezza claim are:

Compensation reached as a settlement with the drug’s manufacturer may be influenced by a variety of factors, and this makes each claim an individual case. Specifics that influence compensation that can be reached in a settlement include:

Relatively young age and major, permanent hearing loss impairment in patients with no prior hearing loss issues make for a case with a higher probability of high settlement amounts.

In the process of filing a Tepezza claim, being able to provide medical records that prove the occurrence of hearing loss problems and their irreversibility/permanency as a result of Tepezza infusion treatment is a must.

Atraxia Law can offer you assistance

Hearing loss symptoms have a profound impact on the quality of life and may take a serious toll on everyday life. Our team is able to offer quick and effective assistance in determining whether or not you qualify for filing a Tepezza claim.

We will thoroughly analyze your current situation and determine if your hearing loss diagnosis entitles you to compensation from the liable manufacturing company.