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What diseases are associated with AFFF exposure?

Because AFFF contains PFAS, a group of highly toxic substances, exposure to this fire suppressant can result in many serious diseases, including cancer. The formula of AFFF contains between 50% and 98% PFAS, making it dangerous to human health, as civilian and military firefighters who use it are inevitably exposed to it while extinguishing fires.

PFAS refer to over 9K different chemicals, some of the most harmful, PFOA and PFOS, are in AFFF.

While these two substances have a strong association with cancer, exposure can also cause benign diseases. The following are the diagnoses firefighters might receive after working with AFFF for a significant time:

It is worth noting that these diseases usually develop within several years to several decades from the first exposure to AFFF. With frequent exposure to this fire suppressant, PFAS accumulate inside the body, where they gradually damage tissues and organs. Eventually, civilian and military firefighters who have PFAS in their blood might come to struggle with a life-threatening illness.

To make matters worse, these hazardous chemicals are also present in the turnout gear firefighters wear to shield them from extreme heat and fire. Over time, as the turnout gear deteriorates, PFAS can escape it, posing an unreasonable health threat to civilian and military firefighters.

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