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Leukemia due to AFFF exposure

Leukemia is the tenth most common cancer in the United States, affecting over 186,000 people annually. Toxic exposure is a known risk factor for leukemia, including exposure to AFFF, a fire suppressant that has been used by civilian and military firefighters since 1967. Because it contains PFAS, a group of toxic and carcinogenic substances, the fire suppressant poses a major health threat to firefighters using it, as they are inevitably exposed to these chemicals even if they wear protective gear. To make matters worse, PFAS also lurk in the turnout gear of firefighters, and over the years, it deteriorates with wear and tear, releasing these substances into the air and causing toxic exposure among firefighters.

Considering their toxicity, mobility, and bioaccumulation potential, exposure may cause these dangerous chemicals to accumulate in the blood at very high levels. In some cases, this can act as a favorable factor in the development of leukemia. If you are or were a civilian or military firefighter who used AFFF frequently, the following are the most important leukemia signs you should look out for:

  • persistent fatigue and weakness
  • frequent or severe infections
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • fever or chills
  • easy bleeding or bruising
  • tiny red spots on your skin
  • recurrent nosebleeds
  • losing weight without trying

According to a study, there were higher rates of leukemia deaths among men exposed to PFAS than in those not exposed to these harmful chemicals. When the cause of leukemia is AFFF exposure, the disease usually develops within five years from the first contact with PFAS. Nevertheless, this does not apply in every case, as everyone reacts differently to toxic exposure. If you are a firefighter struggling with leukemia due to AFFF exposure, do not hesitate to give our company a call, as you might be entitled to financial compensation for your unjust suffering.

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With over 35 years of experience in evaluating toxic exposure and personal injury claims, our team of experts will gladly help you determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation. Civilian and military firefighters exposed to AFFF who struggle with leukemia will only have to provide us with their employment or military records and their medical records to have their case reviewed. Once we deem you eligible, we will promptly put you in touch with a specialized attorney so you can have your AFFF exposure claim filed as soon as possible.

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