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Does it matter how many infusions of Tepezza I received?

Though hearing loss signs may occur after a single Tepezza infusion treatment too, a small study conducted by a team of researchers and presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in 2021 found that otologic symptoms developed after an average of 3.6 infusions.

Theoretically, the higher the number of Tepezza infusions received, the higher the risks of developing one or more of the following otologic symptoms:

Some of the hearing loss issues may develop in the early stages of the Tepezza treatment

Some of the otologic symptoms may develop already in the early stages of the Tepezza infusion treatment, while others might occur only after 3 or 4 Tepezza infusions.

Additionally, some of the symptoms may be reversible and improve or completely disappear during the few months following the last administered Tepezza infusion, but others might not reverse or improve at all, leaving the patient with a permanent hearing impairment.

Because the drug is still a novelty on the market, and also because the drug's manufacturer failed to provide sufficient clinical data regarding the duration of adverse effects, the risk of developing permanent hearing loss as a result of Tepezza infusion treatment is still unknown to a great degree.

Take the first step and provide us with evidence of your hearing loss diagnosis following a Tepezza infusion treatment, so that we can quickly determine your eligibility in a Tepezza claim. Please keep in mind that different states employ different statutes of limitations, so it is compelling to seek us out when a diagnosis has been established.

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