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What are the eligibility and process of filing a claim for asbestos exposure?

If you are a victim of asbestos exposure, seeking financial compensation for your injury is the best choice you can make, as not only will it provide you with additional money to invest in your healthcare and treatment, but it will also hold the responsible companies liable for their negligent actions.

However, to become eligible for filing a claim for asbestos exposure, you must meet a series of criteria, which are the following:

If you meet these eligibility requirements, we strongly encourage you to contact our team of professionals, who will thoroughly assess your situation to determine whether you qualify for filing a claim for asbestos exposure. We will carefully look into every aspect of your case to eventually find out if you are eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds or from the companies that exposed you to asbestos that are still in business today and, if you are a veteran, from the VA as well.

In the fortunate case that you qualify for filing a claim, we will promptly guide you to a lawyer whose main area of practice is toxic exposure so that you can recover the money you deserve for your suffering.

Only with the assistance of a specialized lawyer you can recover compensation for asbestos exposure

Once your asbestos claim is taken over by a specialized attorney, the legal process will continue. By virtue of their large database, they will be able to pinpoint the companies that exposed you to asbestos, as well as the specific hazardous products you handled on the job or in the military. Your lawyer, along with their legal experts, will gather pertinent and relevant evidence to support the link between your disease and asbestos exposure, which will guarantee a favorable outcome for your claim. Your asbestos claim will be filed with the asbestos trust funds of the companies responsible for your toxic exposure and with the VA, if you are a veteran, to receive disability compensation.

While you can file a claim for asbestos exposure on your own, we do not recommend you initiate this process, as it is very demanding and complex and will most likely fail to provide you with the compensation you truly deserve. There are numerous benefits of working with a specialized lawyer, such as:

After your asbestos claim is submitted, you will have to wait 6 months to 2 years to receive the money you are entitled to, depending on factors such as the number of asbestos trust funds your claim was filed with, how many claims the asbestos trust funds have to process, and the severity of your diagnosis. For this reason, we advise you to be patient while waiting to obtain compensation.

If you are too ill to navigate the legal process, a family member can lend you a helping hand, although the legal process for victims of asbestos exposure is made as easy as possible by law firms that handle this type of case. Eventually, you will receive the money you are eligible for from all the liable parties if you file your asbestos claim with the help of a specialized lawyer, which will help you afford better healthcare and treatment.

Atraxia Law will help you file your asbestos exposure claim

For over 35 years, we have been evaluating asbestos exposure claims for industrial workers and veterans. All you have to do is contact us and send us your employment or military records and your medical records so that we can assess your eligibility.

We will let you know with certainty whether you qualify for filing a claim for asbestos exposure and we will guide you to one of the best lawyers who handle toxic exposure cases.