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What are the asbestos trust funds?

During the last century, there were over 2,000 companies that exposed workers to asbestos on a regular basis.

When the dangers of asbestos exposure came to light, some of the largest companies became overwhelmed by the increasing number of lawsuits filed against them by former employees and, as a result, decided to file for bankruptcy.

As a condition for filing for bankruptcy, they had to set up asbestos trust funds so that people who will be diagnosed in the future with a disease related to asbestos exposure could recover the financial compensation they were entitled to. Today, there are approximately 60 active asbestos trust funds in the United States that continue to offer former injured workers money.

If you intend to file a claim for asbestos exposure, your claim will be submitted to one or multiple asbestos trust funds, depending on the number of companies that exposed you to asbestos. Asbestos trust funds represent the primary source of compensation for former industrial workers nowadays.

The process of filing a claim with asbestos trust funds is considerably easier than that entailed by filing a lawsuit and, as a consequence, it results in the injured people receiving compensation within a shorter period of time. At the moment, some of the main asbestos trust funds in the country belong to the following companies:

It is important to know that each asbestos trust fund your claim is filed with will offer you a certain percentage of the total compensation you are eligible for, depending on the financial resources they have, the number of claims they have to process, and the severity of your diagnosis.

Nevertheless, since most people were exposed to asbestos by multiple companies, the amount of compensation they will end up with will be considerable and will help them afford better healthcare and treatment. Therefore, seeking compensation if you were injured by workplace asbestos exposure is without a doubt worth it.

File your asbestos claim with the help of our expert team

In the regrettable case that you struggle with a disease caused by occupational asbestos exposure, the team of Atraxia Law is ready the help you find out whether you are eligible for filing a claim with asbestos trust funds. All you have to do is send our experts your employment and medical records and we will thoroughly assess your situation.

Eventually, we will tell you with certainty if you qualify for filing a claim for asbestos exposure. If you do, we will promptly guide you to a lawyer whose main area of practice is toxic exposure so that you can benefit from the money you deserve.