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Why should I file a Tepezza claim?

Hearing impairment is a severe condition accompanied by emotional anguish, mental distress, and the unsettling feeling of having your life changed forever. Each of these aspects calls for compensation.

Tepezza infusion treatment is already a rather pricey endeavor, but dealing with costs associated with hearing loss or tinnitus acquired due to Tepezza treatment, can easily double your already high out-of-pocket expenses.

Someone must be held responsible for your Tepezza-related hearing loss

Having to deal with partial or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related adverse effects following your Tepezza infusion treatment is an unfair outcome for more than one reason:

It is only natural that you seek recovery of damages you suffered due to treatment with a drug you didn't know enough about.

If you are eligible to file a Tepezza claim, you have a chance for rightful compensation

Determining eligibility for a defective drug claim is always a complex process in which several facets are considered. While you can read below what the main criteria for eligibility are in a Tepezza claim, an expert will need to evaluate your case's specifics and relevant details. If you wish to waste no time, the shortcut you can take is to contact a specialized team with expertise and experience in evaluating product liability cases.

Depending on the severity of your auditory symptoms and the degree to which the hearing impairment affects your day-to-day life, by filing a Tepezza claim you might be able to get compensation for damages such as:

Those mentioned above are all economic damages, but apart from these, you might also be entitled to compensation for non-economic damages such as physical pain, mental and emotional suffering, decreased quality of life, and loss of good function in society.

Atraxia Law can help with the most crucial step: determining your eligibility

Save time and energy to focus on your priorities by reaching out to us. We have extensive experience in evaluating defective drug claim eligibility. After we go through the details of your individual Tepezza case and examine available medical documentation, we will determine whether you are eligible to file a Tepezza claim. We will also refer you to an attorney or law firm that can build you a solid case for a settlement with Tepezza's manufacturer.