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How is Parkinson’s disability rated?

Individuals that have experienced service-related toxic exposure can qualify for VA benefits. It's crucial to know that the amount of the compensation is determined by multiple factors that separate benefits into several disability tiers.

U.S. Army veterans diagnosed with Parkinson's disease can apply for disability benefits provided by the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA).

The Department of Veteran Affairs employs a disability rating system that determines the extent of impairment. As of December 2021, veterans whose disability rating is under 30% receive limited compensation regardless of dependents (up to $300/month).

Parkinson's disease is currently appointed an automatic 30% rating by the VA, although it doesn't account for the associated symptoms. A rating exceeding 30% entitles veterans to financial compensation ranging between $460/month on the lower end and up to $3,950/month in severe cases of 100% disability.

It should, however, be noted that disability ratings are evaluated on a cumulative basis, meaning that for every service-related disability, the VA will assign a specific rating. These combined ratings provide the overall disability rating that determines the amount of monthly compensation.

Veterans should be aware that once they have received a Parkisnon's diagnosis resulting from service-related toxic exposure, they are likewise entitled to additional compensation for other issues that the condition causes:

Veterans with Parkinson's disease might also qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The fastest way to be granted SSDI benefits for Parkinson's disease is to qualify under SSA's medical listing 11.06, Parkinsonian Syndrome. Qualifying requires detailed medical evidence. In other words, veterans will need a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease supported by medical records of symptoms such as:

The symptoms must also show difficulty with fine motor skills, large motor skills, standing, or walking. In addition to test results, SSA will require your doctors' responses to targeted questions concerning your Parkinson's disease and evidence of your adherence to the prescribed treatment.

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