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How long does it take for AFFF exposure to cause a disease?

It can take several years to over a decade for AFFF exposure to cause a disease in civilian and military firefighters who use the fire suppressant. Each disease has a different latency period, which refers to the time it takes for the illness to occur following the first contact with the toxic PFAS chemicals lurking in AFFF. These are the approximative latency periods for some of the diseases caused by exposure to the fire suppressant on the job:

It is important to keep in mind that the latency period of a disease stemming from AFFF exposure is a rough estimate. While some firefighters might develop a disease earlier, others might come to struggle with one later in life. How long it takes for AFFF exposure to result in a disease greatly depends on factors such as how long the person worked as a firefighter, their overall health, and whether they have a genetic predisposition to these diseases.

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